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A solar photovoltaic cleaning robot that can perform washing operations is truly practical

A solar photovoltaic cleaning robot that can perform washing operations is truly practical

As a clean and pollution-free new energy source, solar energy has developed rapidly in recent years. Countries all over the world have built large-scale photovoltaic power stations, especially my country. As the first largest photovoltaic country, photovoltaic power generation has achieved world-renowned development achievements and newly installed capacity. No. 1 in the world in terms of capacity for five consecutive years, and large-scale photovoltaic power plants have been built. From January to May this year, my country's installed photovoltaic power generation capacity reached 66 billion kWh. Based on the standard on-grid price of 0.6 yuan per kWh, my country’s photovoltaic power generation price is around 40 billion kWh.

It is worth mentioning that because photovoltaic power plants are built in an open and sunny outdoor environment, a large amount of dust, soot, fallen leaves, bird droppings and other dirt will accumulate on the surface of photovoltaic panels, as well as dust remaining after the volatilization of rain. It will seriously affect the absorption of sunlight and the conversion of electric energy by photovoltaic panels, resulting in a loss of 5%-20%. In particular, stubborn gray stains, bird droppings and rain gray marks will form local shadows on photovoltaic cells, leading to an increase in the single-chip current and voltage of photovoltaic modules, resulting in local temperature rises and forming hot spot effects, which will make the photovoltaic modules The actual life span is reduced by at least 10%.

With the implementation of the "531" policy, photovoltaic power plants will shift from the extensive growth that previously enjoyed subsidies to focus on refined operations, recover investment costs in a short time, and achieve greater benefits. Timely and timely cleaning of photovoltaic modules is an effective way to improve the efficiency of photovoltaic power generation.

At present, there are two main cleaning methods for photovoltaic power plants: manual cleaning and robot cleaning. Manual cleaning has the disadvantages of time-consuming, low efficiency, and high cost. In contrast, the use of photovoltaic cleaning robots for cleaning has many advantages such as high efficiency (3-5 times higher than manual cleaning efficiency) and low cost (only 30%-50% manual cleaning is required). There are two working methods of cleaning without water and cleaning with water. At present, most of the domesticPhotovoltaic cleaning robotManufacturers are advertising that their robots can be cleaned without water, so that water cleaning is not needed. In fact, according to the photovoltaic laboratory test, it is impossible to remove some stubborn stains such as bird droppings, rain and dust on the board surface only with a brush without dry brushing. These stains will inevitably produce a hot spot effect, which will affect the photovoltaic panel. Service life. In areas with strong winds, large-particle photovoltaic panels will gather a lot of sand, and dry brushing without water will cause serious sand wear, scratch the coating film of photovoltaic panels, and seriously affect the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic modules. The reason why the relevant manufacturers vigorously advocate the waterless cleaning method is actually mainly because it cannot solve the problem of the water robot sliding on the surface of the photovoltaic panel.

Photovoltaic cleaning robots are an emerging field, which has received great attention from owners and enterprises of photovoltaic power plants in recent years. Solar cleaning robots can't just talk empty words, they can only promote all kinds of false gimmicks. Only when cleaning operations with water can be carried out effectively, can the power generation efficiency of photovoltaic power plants be truly improved and the service life of photovoltaic power plants can be extended.