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What cleaning methods are used for photovoltaic panel cleaning to reduce costs and efficiently?

What cleaning methods are used for photovoltaic panel cleaning to reduce costs and efficiently?

What is solar photovoltaic cleaning and what method is used to clean PV panels? In the later maintenance of PV panels, cleaning is an important content. The correct cleaning method of photovoltaic panels can save costs and achieve better photovoltaic panel cleaning effects. There are four main ways to clean power plants.

1. Artificial dry-cleaning photovoltaic panels

Using flannel and special cleaning agent for cleaning, the main principle is: use the principle of electrostatic adsorption to adsorb dust and sand particles, enhance the decontamination ability of dust push and vacuum, and effectively avoid dust flying.

Disadvantages of manual dry cleaning of PV panels: due to different operating forces and different pressures applied to the components, the components will be deformed too much and the cells will be cracked; in addition, the dry cleaning of the components is not effective, often because the mop is stained with too much dust. It leaves traces on the surface of the component, causing a large area of ​​shadow to be blocked.

2. Manual washing of photovoltaic panels.

The operation of manual water washing is to use a vehicle with water storage function, such as a tractor with a water tank or a city sprinkler, to clean the nozzles of no more than 0.4MPa; two work at the same time, one spraying one.

Disadvantages of manual cleaning of PV panels: Excessive water pressure on PV modules will cause the cells to crack and cannot control the operator's water pressure changes. In addition, after the components are washed with water, the components themselves will dry out, forming water stains on the surface of the components, which is a tiny shadow to the components.

3. Clean photovoltaic panels for construction vehicles.

At present, the cleaning equipment modified with construction vehicles as the carrier has high power and high efficiency. The cleaning work has a good consistency of pressure on the photovoltaic panel, and will not generate uneven pressure on the photovoltaic panel, causing the photovoltaic panel to crack. The cleaning method can be cleaned. And washing in two ways.

4. Intelligent photovoltaic cleaning robot.

In order to effectively improve the efficiency of cleaning the dust on the surface of the photovoltaic panel, the photovoltaic cleaning robot cleans regularly to completely remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the photovoltaic panel and improve the efficiency of power generation. Each row of photovoltaic power stations is equipped with cleaning robots, which clean automatically at regular intervals and are unattended.

Disadvantages of the intelligent PV cleaning robot: Sometimes the robot is stuck by the uneven PV frame, which causes the robot to be unable to return to the correct position, which brings difficulties to the positioning of the operator.

Compared with traditional cleaning methods, the advantages of photovoltaic cleaning robots are more obvious. Not only does it have its own energy storage, it does not require an external power supply, and it will not cause the photovoltaic panel to crack, which is more labor-saving, water-saving and environmentally friendly.