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Equipment required for cleaning photovoltaic panels and distributed photovoltaic panel cleaning process

Equipment required for cleaning photovoltaic panels and distributed photovoltaic panel cleaning process

Photovoltaic cleaning equipment:

Need to prepare, photovoltaic panel cleaning machine, bucket, 220V AC power supply, safety equipment.

When is photovoltaic cleaning?

When cleaning photovoltaics, you should choose morning, evening, and night. It is strictly prohibited to clean around noon or when the sun is full. In addition, when cleaning in the morning and evening, you should also choose a time when the sun is dim to reduce potential safety hazards. It can also be considered that sometimes cleaning can also be carried out on rainy days. At this time, with the help of precipitation, the cleaning process of photovoltaic panels will be more efficient and thorough.

The process of photovoltaic cleaning.

General cleaning can be divided into ordinary cleaning and photovoltaic cleaning.

Generally speaking, use a dry broom or rag to remove the attachments on the surface of the part, such as dry ash and leaves. Hard foreign objects attached to the glass, such as sand, bird droppings, and viscous objects, can be scraped with a hard scraper or gauze, but be careful not to scratch with hard objects to avoid damage to the glass surface. According to the cleaning effect, judge whether it needs to be cleaned.

Clean. Clean the colored substances attached to the glass, such as guano residues, plant juices and other objects that cannot be removed, or wet soil and other objects that cannot be removed. The cleaning procedure is generally rinsed with clean water and cleaned with a soft brush. If you find oil stains, etc., you can use detergent or soapy water to wash them separately.

PVC board scrubbing is mostly used for the cleaning of distributed solar power generation boards. The use of photovoltaic cleaning machines can achieve semi-automatic and efficient cleaning, which is more efficient and environmentally friendly than the above two cleaning methods.

Precautions for photovoltaic cleaning: how to protect photovoltaic power plants from damage, safety issues for cleaners

(1) The anti-sun panel causes the solar cell array power generation loss due to man-made shading, and even the hot spot effect occurs;

(2) At noon or when the sun is full, the surface temperature of the front panel is high to prevent cold water from impacting the glass surface and causing damage to the glass or parts;

(3) Ensure the safety of photovoltaic cleaners. Most of the objectives are as follows:

(4) Photovoltaic modules should be wiped with dry, damp, soft, clean cloth, and it is forbidden to wipe with corrosive solvents or hard objects;

(5) Photovoltaic modules with irradiance less than 200W/m2 should be cleaned. Photovoltaic modules cannot be cleaned with liquids that have a large temperature difference with the modules;

(6) It is strictly forbidden to clean photovoltaic panels under the conditions of wind power exceeding level 4, heavy rain or heavy snow.