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General structure of photovoltaic cleaning equipment

General structure of photovoltaic cleaning equipment

Most of China's photovoltaic power plants are located in inaccessible and remote water-scarce areas. In the past, the cleaning of solar photovoltaic panels was manual, with low efficiency and high cost. Due to the development of technology, high-efficiency and low-cost photovoltaic cleaning equipment has been produced. Here is the general structure of this device.

The equipment for cleaning photovoltaic panels must be able to attach to the surface of the photovoltaic panels and be able to perform cleaning operations under the driving force. Therefore, the equipment should include three units of adsorption, driving and cleaning.

1. Adsorption.

Most photovoltaic panels have a certain angle during the installation process, so in order to make the device move on the surface of the photovoltaic panel, the adsorption function is very important. Magnetic adsorption and vacuum adsorption can usually be adsorbed. Most of the current equipment is vacuum adsorption.

2. Motivation.

The driving device of the PVC cleaning equipment is mainly the movement mode of the equipment. At present, there are generally crawler movement, wheel movement, leg and foot movement, wheel leg movement, frame movement and so on. Some moving methods have their own advantages, such as large track contact surface, strong load-bearing capacity, adaptability to various surfaces, and strong obstacle crossing ability. The surface of the polyvinyl chloride sheet is generally smooth, and the requirements for the equipment itself are small, so crawlers are generally used.

3. Clean.

Cleaning the photovoltaic panel is generally divided into three steps: dust removal, scratching, and water washing. The cleaning structure of related equipment should also have this function. Aiming at the problem of secondary pollution of photovoltaic panels after dust sweeping, a spiral structure is designed to collect and process dust, gather the dust and discharge the dust box, and then use a flexible device to remove residual stains, and use a clean part to remove water stains.

Generally speaking, photovoltaic cleaning equipment uses electricity and ultrasound to detect its location. When working, the adsorption device is close to the surface of the photovoltaic panel, driven by electricity, and the cleaning parts complete the cleaning work.