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What is a photovoltaic cleaning robot?

What is a photovoltaic cleaning robot?

Many people have heard of photovoltaic cleaning robots, but they don't know much about solar cells. There are many types of photovoltaic cleaning robots, which can be classified according to their functions. The photovoltaic cleaning robot has strong dust removal and cleaning capabilities. Therefore, photovoltaic panel cleaning robots are favored by people.

The photovoltaic cleaning robot mainly includes a self-sufficient power supply system, a walking system and a control communication management system. It has its own solar power generation, charging and storage equipment, can supply power by itself, without external power supply, and can start and stop at any time. The photoelectric component cleaning PV cleaning robot walking system adopts a rotating cleaning mechanism and a drive motor. No cleaning medium is needed, and the photovoltaic cleaning robot can move horizontally to achieve waterless cleaning.

The photovoltaic cleaning robot has an automatic cleaning control mode and a manual cleaning control mode. The remote control can realize manual mode. It can be adapted to roofs, greenhouses, plains, hills, deserts, lakes and other areas and terrain. The IP56 comprehensive protection level is IP56, working all-weather; during operation, the cleaning PV robot can automatically stabilize the running speed, and can automatically adjust the motor power (lower than the motor power) according to the set running speed, so that the photovoltaic panel cleaning robot can have a constant speed Scan to improve cleaning quality.

The soft spiral brush for the cleaning part made of polymer materials will not damage the tempered glass on the surface of the photovoltaic module. According to different regions and seasons, the cleaning time and time can be set. The photoelectric cleaning robot has the function of detecting jam. If it is found that it cannot be operated due to external or internal reasons.

The photovoltaic cleaning robot provides alarm instructions and independently selects the working direction according to the power to prevent damage to the intermediate card of the solar panel. The structure of the machine is simple and reliable, the operation is stable, and the overall quality is guaranteed within one year. The device components are standardized, modular, convenient for transportation, and convenient for installation and debugging. Equipped with infrared temperature measuring device, it can detect the temperature of PV silicon wafer and analyze the power generation capacity of the single board.