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Demystifying the basic steps of photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance management

Demystifying the basic steps of photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance management

Judging from the current practical experience of solar power plant operation and management, in order to ensure the safe, economic and efficient operation of the system, a standardized and effective management mechanism must be established, especially the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants must be strengthened.

1. Improve the process document management system.

Each power plant shall establish complete technical documents and documents and be managed by professionals to provide a strong technical basis for the safe and reliable operation of the power plant.

The basic technical documents of the power plant mainly include: design and construction, construction drawings, acceptance documents, basic working principles of each equipment, technical parameters, equipment installation procedures, equipment debugging steps; all operating switches, knobs, handles, status and signal display instructions; equipment operation Steps; power plant maintenance items and content; maintenance schedule and operating procedures; power plant troubleshooting guide, including detailed inspection and maintenance procedures.

Organize relevant departments and technical personnel to analyze the operation of the power station, discover problems in a timely manner based on the actual situation, and propose practical solutions. The establishment of a power plant operation analysis system is not only conducive to improving the business ability of technical personnel, but also conducive to improving the reliable operation of photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance.

2. Improve the content of maintenance and management projects.

Continue to summarize maintenance management experience, formulate detailed inspection and maintenance items, ensure that there is no leakage in inspection and maintenance, and improve the level of maintenance.

Ensure that the lighting surface of the beam array is clean. In places with little rain and heavy sand, clean it once a month. Rinse with clean water before cleaning, and then dry the water stains with a clean soft cloth. Avoid wiping with corrosive solvents or hard objects. When cleaning, you should choose not to expose to the sun or to wash in the morning and evening. During the day, when solar modules are exposed to the sun, you should avoid washing the modules with cold water. Hot water at low temperature will cause the photovoltaic modules to crack.

3. Strengthen personnel training.

Its training is mainly aimed at two aspects: one is to train professional and technical personnel. According to the key and difficult points in business maintenance management, professional and technical personnel are organized to conduct internal training on various topics, and technicians are sent for systematic related knowledge training to improve professional skills. The professional skills of personnel; secondly, the training of power plant operators is generally carried out locally. Because the local people’s cultural level is not high, the training must first start with the basic knowledge of electricians, and then conduct theoretical knowledge training, special operation training, and practical training of photovoltaic power plants. Operation training, learning of power plant operation rules.

4. Develop information disclosure channels.

The person in charge is responsible for contacting power station operators and equipment manufacturers. When the power station fails, the operator can immediately report the problem to the relevant department and notify the equipment manufacturer and maintenance personnel to repair it in a short time.