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Photovoltaic cleaning can increase the rate of solar power generation

Photovoltaic cleaning can increase the rate of solar power generation

With the development of economy and the progress of science and technology, solar power generation in countries around the world is becoming more and more mature. Solar energy is a kind of green energy. However, the oil and dust on the surface of photovoltaic power generation panels can easily reduce the power generation efficiency, thereby affecting the development and utilization of new solar energy. So there is photovoltaic cleaning. By thoroughly removing dust and pollutants, the efficiency of solar power generation can be guaranteed, and the photovoltaic power generation industry can enter a virtuous circle and obtain higher profit margins.

1. Why choose photovoltaic cleaning?

1. It may not be possible to clean when hand washing, and because of the different qualities of the personnel, the cleaning effect is inconsistent. The manual cleaning of water is laborious and the effect may not be very good. It can be said to be a thankless task.

2. High-pressure water guns cannot be used in winter, which will cause panel freezing and secondary pollution, thereby reducing the scope of use of cleaning tools.

3. Intelligent robots: The use cost is difficult to control, the purchase cost is high, and the use space is limited.

2. Advantages of photovoltaic cleaning:

1. Low cost, which can save water and labor costs.

2. Practical and long service life;

3. The accessories are cheap and easy to transport, load and unload.

3. Features of photovoltaic cleaning:

1. No electricity is needed.

2. It is simple and easy to operate and can be operated independently.

3. The cleaning efficiency is significantly improved;

4. Low cost and remarkable cleaning effect.

5. Suitable for a variety of clean environments, portable photovoltaics are clean, safe and worry-free.

The use of better photovoltaic cleaning technology can greatly increase the amount of solar power generation, so that solar companies can obtain greater profits, and it is easier to push solar panels to ordinary households, making green energy more easily accepted and used by ordinary households.