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Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station

Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power station

Management arises with the development of the photovoltaic industry. It is a long-term and cumbersome task. In daily work, the principle of safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management should be adhered to, and the safety production responsibility system should be implemented.
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The operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants is a long-term and tedious task. Carry out the policy of safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management, and implement the safety production responsibility system.

Operation Management

From the perspective of the photovoltaic industry, the operation and maintenance management of its photovoltaic power station is roughly divided into four parts:

1. Production operation and maintenance management.

2. Safety management.

3. Archival materials.

4. Personnel management.

1. Production operation and maintenance management

1. Production operation: Mainly manage work tickets, work order management, work record management, shift scheduling, inspection, power station key management, power statistics, etc.

2. Maintenance management: preventive maintenance management, corrective maintenance management, technical supervision and test management, preventive maintenance management, preventive maintenance management, preventive maintenance management are important links in the management of photovoltaic power plants, and are power plant equipment maintenance plans. Including preventive maintenance project and cycle confirmation, preventive maintenance plan, maintenance plan, failure plan, cleaning plan and preventive maintenance data management.

2. Safety Management

Its safety management mainly includes: power safety management, operation safety management, fire safety management, field operation safety management, accident handling process management, safety material management, safety sign management and traffic safety management.

3. Archives

The management of enterprise technical data includes: file system construction, design document management, daily production material management (production records, inspection records, maintenance reports, maintenance plans, technical supervision records, tool inspections, spare parts storage), equipment data, personnel data, Training data, asset management.

Four, personnel management

In order to standardize the safe production management of power plant workshops, improve safety awareness, and better stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees, personnel management can be strengthened from the following aspects:

1. Strengthen employee skills training: In recent years, the rapid growth of photovoltaic industry and power station data has increased the demand for operators. However, the theoretical foundation of the staff's profession is weak. Therefore, in the management process, employees can regularly receive theoretical and practical training according to the actual situation, and implement a comprehensive scoring system.

2. Improve the reward and punishment system for power station operation: daily work of photovoltaic power station is monotonous, boring, tedious, and repetitive. Improve the reward and punishment system to prevent personnel from slackening.

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