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Light drag-type photovoltaic robot

Light drag-type photovoltaic robot

Cleaning span: 1-5m towed shuttle bus, photovoltaic cleaning robot Beijing Wantong Yiju Environmental Protection Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a photovoltaic cleaning robot manufacturer, specializing in photovoltaic cleaning robots, etc.
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Parts of photovoltaic cleaning robot

The long pole water brush is an auxiliary component of the solar cell cleaning robot series, which is suitable for the cleaning of low-altitude photovoltaic power plants. The electric brush of the photovoltaic cleaning robot is composed of a water brush head, a nozzle, an electric pole, a hydraulic center control box, a remote control switch, and a pipeline. The long rod is equipped with a remote control switch to facilitate the control of the water gun. The length of the rod can be customized from 3 meters to 10 meters, and the locking method is quick and easy to lock.

The water guide brush is designed on the basis of the brush head, which can achieve the flushing effect when brushing teeth. The bristles are designed with high-quality nylon thread and bristles, which make the bristles have strong rigidity and toughness, strong elasticity, not easy to be deformed, moisture-proof, high-temperature resistance, and are not affected by cold, heat, and anti-static. The brush head adopts a combined design, and the auxiliary small brush head is installed on the back of the main brush head, and the brush head adopts industrial cleaning cloth. The clean cloth is made of high-strength fibers, mixed with ore. The photovoltaic cleaning robot adopts an open mesh three-dimensional structure, which can easily remove some stubborn stains.

The brush nozzle adopts a stainless steel fan-shaped nozzle with a wide spray surface, good cleaning effect and long service life. At the same time, the nozzles can be replaced with nozzles with different flow rates according to usage. The shaft is made of carbon fiber, and its length depends on the height of the object being cleaned. Can produce different specifications of 3 meters to 10 meters. Each lever body is equipped with a toggle lock lever for easy locking and opening. The inside of the rod is empty, allowing the tube to be hidden.

The centralized hydroelectric power generation control box is used for the connection of water source and power source, which is light in weight and easy to use. Weismith specially designed a remote wireless remote control switch to control the opening of the water pump. The photovoltaic cleaning robot can fix the switch on the cleaning rod or user belt, and the pump can be turned on by remote control.

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