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Suspended photovoltaic cleaning robot

Suspended photovoltaic cleaning robot

.Hanging photovoltaic cleaning robot cleaning span: 1-4m automatic cleaning, liberating labor. Shuttle vehicle +Photovoltaic cleaning robot Wantong Yiju launched the shuttle vehicle+Photovoltaic cleaning robot series products, effectively increasing power generation , While saving labor and water truck input costs. No dead corners, clean borders, corners and dirt
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Product Details

Automatic cleaning, liberating labor

Ferry +Photovoltaic panel cleaning robot

Vantone E-House’s series of photovoltaic cleaning robots for shuttle vehicles+ effectively increase power generation while saving labor and water truck input costs.

Performance characteristics of apron + photovoltaic panel cleaning robot

Do whatever you want, across rows and groups.

High efficiency

The belt-type brush is our company's patent (patent number: ZL201821731498.9) with high cleaning efficiency and does not damage the surface of the photovoltaic module.

Weather resistance

Low temperature resistant battery

Adopt Vantone E-House clean operation and maintenance solution

It can increase the power generation revenue for your photovoltaic power station.


The equipment has sufficient rigidity and strength to ensure safe operation.

Clean without dead ends

There is no place to hide the dirt on the borders and corners, and it can be brushed in both forward and reverse directions, which can clean up dust, snow, bird droppings, fallen leaves, etc.

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